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One of the first university-sponsored childhood laboratory schools in the nation opened at The Ohio State University in 1924. The Campbell Hall Nursery School was considered a model of early childhood education and provided training for University students in child development, early childhood education and – in the early days – the medical school. Due to the generous support of Sophie Rogers, a prominent local pediatrician, the program was renamed the A. Sophie Rogers Laboratory for Child and Family Studies and expanded to a full day child care program serving 10 infants and toddlers and 20 preschoolers. In the early 1990s, the Laboratory School became involved in the study of the preschool and infant/toddler centers of Reggio Emilia, Italy. The work of these Italian educators remains a strong influence on the program today.

As the University developed a relationship with the Weinland Park community located just south and east of the campus, a plan was created to move the Laboratory School from Campbell Hall to a new facility in Weinland Park. The move provided for expansion of research and programming opportunities to serve a more diverse community of families and for development of a more comprehensive training program for University students. The Schoenbaum Family Center opened in August, 2007.